Hi there!. I am Margriet Hoogenberg, a fit mom from Holland.

Welcome to my Blog. I hope you like it!

I am a busy bee, mom of two beautiful daughters ( 2013 and 2016 ).

I am a wifey! We said ‘I Do’ in August 2017, after being a couple since 2006.

I am trying to be as fit and healthy as i can be.

I try to work out at least twice a week, but when possible three of four times a week.

I love to bake and test new products and tell you all about it in my reviews.

I do cheat! ( in terms of food 😉 ) I am only human and every now and then i love me some sweets, ice or a cheatmeal.

I am an Accountmanager for a beautiful company based in Gouda, four days a week.


What started as a pregnancy…

In 2013 we expected our first babygirl, i was over the moon! We really wanted to welcome our Litlle girl. But i really didn’t love being pregnant. In fact i said ‘I will never be pregnant again’. I hated it. I saw my body bloat. I didn’t have that happy ”Cloud Nine” kind a feeling. I became HUGE.. i gained 20 kg.  And that’s when i decided, ‘Ok something is going to change!’ And well that’s when i started to work out, eat more healthy and accepting my body more and more. Still, i have my ups and downs, but hey, i think we all have them. And that’s OK!

So bare with me as i am going to share my weekly findings with you!






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