Not a tattoo kinda girl..

I always wanted a tattoo.. first i wanted a little heart around my belly when i was about 15, then i wanted a Chinese character on my hip when i was around 17. I also remember wanting a tribal on my lower back and a band like Pamela around my upper arm… I thought it was soooo cool. . well let me tell you, i am glad i never had the balls to do it.

then after a while i became a bigger and bigger fan of Rihanna and she got a tattoo that said ‘Never a failure, always a lesson’, i still think till this day that is a very cool tattoo and would like to have something equal to that myself.

Then just the other day i saw this girl and she had two amazing tattoos on the side of her hips, it was a clean writing of just Roman characters, it represented the date of birth of her two daughters… And i really really liked that as well… and guess what, i wanted that right then and there. But i know how my mind works.. either i am totally obsessed with something or i am just not interested.. so my dilemma here is: I think i want a tattoo now but i am anxious i wont like it anymore within 2 years and will regret my decision.

So then i came across something on Instagram that caught my attention.. I saw this site with amazing pieces of jewelry. Capsul brings the ability to own a truly customized, one-of-a-kind jewelry piece that brings your memories to life. It Encapsulates your moments into modern, timeless pieces you’ll want to wear each and every day.

Happy mothers-day !

Well kinda perfect for me! I ordered a necklace for mothers-day, plated gold with on one side the date of birth of my oldest one, and on the other side the date of birth of the youngest one. I absolutely love the results and it is just perfect for me. I can wear it every day or when i am not feeling up to it i can just leave it on my dresser. .. The only problem is, now i want more.. i saw their rings OMG to die for, and i saw their custom bracelets.. Ok maybe that is a problem for an other day haha, for now i am happy to share my pics with you. Happy Mothers-day to all of the mama’s, with or without children.



With love,

Margriet  #frombabytobikinibody

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Restday in terms of beauty.

Because Momlife can be a very very hectic life, i decided a long time a go that sometimes there should be me-time as well to keep up with the hectic demands of being a mom, a wife a account manager and a sports/fitness lover.
Therefore i try to plan two hours every two weeks where the kids and my husband don’t ask me anything and i have time o unwind and enjoy some sanity and quality time with just plain old me 😉
I always love to try new beauty products or read a book or to combine these two things.
This time i tried several beauty products and i thought let’s do a review about them because they were very nice and i enjoyed using them. So i set up a little beauty ritual for myself, combining a lovely mud mask, a all natural serum, a little spa for my nails and later that day i tested some flashpads for my eyes.
Face masks are an undeniably satisfying part of the spa visit, as there’s nothing quite like the feeling of pampering yourself and giving your skin some much needed TLC. While, massages, hot tubs and aromatic meditation rooms also rank high on the self-indulgence scale, spoiling yourself with a facial mask takes the cake. Who can resist the relaxation time and skincare benefits? Before you write face masks off as spa-only luxuries, think again. You can take pleasure in some of the best facial masks without stepping foot outside. I will be honest with you, normally i am not a big fan of mudmasks. They are just way to messy for my taste, but i found a mask that said on the label it was a ‘No mess Mud Mask’. So i thought let’s give it a try and they deliverd what they said, it did not mess up my bathroom at all! i used the Patchology mud mask.
It is a pre fabricated mask that you can lay over your face, ready to use. The smell was pretty natural but fresh and not heavy at all. The formula has a nice tingly, minty feel to it.
after 10 minutes it was easy to remove, and easy to cleanse my face. I enjoyed a smooth ski for days after. overall score? a 8!
After i removed it, it was time to pamper my face with a serum i got from the Dirty Girl Farm. I tried the vitamin C serum. When i smelled it, it was like spring in a bottle haha, the smell reminded me a bit of cinnamon and a creamy combination. The serum looked very heavy but when i applied it to my face it was actually pretty light and it absorbed quickly in to my skin. very nice!. What i love about this serum is that it is from Dirty Girl Farm and they offer a line of all-natural skincare products and holistic apothecary. All items are free from chemicals, toxins and gluten.. and most important, their products are never tested on animals!!
Afbeeldingsresultaten voor vitamin c serum DIRTY GIRL FARM
  • dirtygirlfarm HOW YOU MOISTURIZE ⠀

    Moisturizing is a big part of skin care, no matter the type of skin! Skipping moisturizing altogether is a big NO NO, but did you know you could be using your moisturizers incorrectly? Put your moisturizer on while you’re still damp (you don’t need to be sopping wet) by doing this, you will trap the moisture still on your skin.
  • For those of you who would like to try this as well, you can use a coupon code ‘Babytobikini’ that will give you a discount of 10%.

As i mentioned i also gave my nails a little spa in the meantime, i tried the ‘Super strong nails’ and i am still using it ( i am testing it now for a period of almost 2 weeks ) i simply apply it to my nails and cuticles. The smell is fresh, a bit minty and it is applied within 2 minutes and helps me to keep my nails strong.

Afbeeldingsresultaten voor dirty girl farm strong nails

Allready now i was feeling refreshed and ready to go! But there was still one more pamper moment for me this day to try and these were the restoring ‘Night eye gels’ from Patchology. Did you know the hours between 10pm and 12 am are the best time to repair skin? I did put the lines to bed with a powerful nightly dose of anti aging Retinol and peptides. These gels help you to reduce dark circles. Arnica extract soothes your tired eyes to sleep. Really, just try them.. perfect for moms like me, who are basicly Always tired ( and therefore look tired as well ;-))

So now i am reboosted and restarted after some me time, i am ready t go again!

I hope you enjoyed my review, i know i did haha.


xoxo Margriet

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