Not a tattoo kinda girl..

I always wanted a tattoo.. first i wanted a little heart around my belly when i was about 15, then i wanted a Chinese character on my hip when i was around 17. I also remember wanting a tribal on my lower back and a band like Pamela around my upper arm… I thought it was soooo cool. . well let me tell you, i am glad i never had the balls to do it.

then after a while i became a bigger and bigger fan of Rihanna and she got a tattoo that said ‘Never a failure, always a lesson’, i still think till this day that is a very cool tattoo and would like to have something equal to that myself.

Then just the other day i saw this girl and she had two amazing tattoos on the side of her hips, it was a clean writing of just Roman characters, it represented the date of birth of her two daughters… And i really really liked that as well… and guess what, i wanted that right then and there. But i know how my mind works.. either i am totally obsessed with something or i am just not interested.. so my dilemma here is: I think i want a tattoo now but i am anxious i wont like it anymore within 2 years and will regret my decision.

So then i came across something on Instagram that caught my attention.. I saw this site with amazing pieces of jewelry. Capsul brings the ability to own a truly customized, one-of-a-kind jewelry piece that brings your memories to life. It Encapsulates your moments into modern, timeless pieces you’ll want to wear each and every day.

Happy mothers-day !

Well kinda perfect for me! I ordered a necklace for mothers-day, plated gold with on one side the date of birth of my oldest one, and on the other side the date of birth of the youngest one. I absolutely love the results and it is just perfect for me. I can wear it every day or when i am not feeling up to it i can just leave it on my dresser. .. The only problem is, now i want more.. i saw their rings OMG to die for, and i saw their custom bracelets.. Ok maybe that is a problem for an other day haha, for now i am happy to share my pics with you. Happy Mothers-day to all of the mama’s, with or without children.



With love,

Margriet  #frombabytobikinibody

Site:  —– Discount code : MARGRIETLOVE gives you 15 % off.




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