Sweet potato and ginger soup


Hi all!

How are you doing?

We had a lovely weekend, we did a whole lot of stuff. I did a SPA treatment with a friend of mine, i developed a new workout for myself, we visited the animal farm with the kids, we went on a family hike and i cooked like a chef.. yes all in this weekend! 😉

So here is more about my beautiful food picture on Instagram! I received so many questions for the recipe and had such lovely reactions on my Instastory! So the Recipe i made was one from the Marley spoon box i received. Marley Spoon is a box you can order to your home with fresh ingredients and recipes, so you don’t have to go to the store or think about how or what to cook. you can pick out your recipes online in advance.

Here we go:

Sweet Potato – Gingersoup ( with coconutcream and cashew nuts )

1. Cut the Carrots (3), onion (1), ginger (1) and sweet potato (2 medium) into small pieces (1-2 cm)

2. Bake the ginger and onion with Olive oil ( 1 tb spoon) for about 2 minutes and add some salt and pepper.

3. Add the carrots, sweet potato and the half of one sachet of Hebasha’s berbere spice mix. add a bit of salt. And add the coconut cream ( 1 package ) and 2 beef cubes. add 200 ml of water and let it cook for about 18 minutes.

4.Get your oven to 200 Celsius. chop the parsley ( about 1 hand ). mix the rest of the sachet Hebasha’s spice mix with 1 tb spoon of olive oil and mix this with the cashew nuts ( about 150 grams ). Rasp one lime. Cut the lime into wedges. Squeeze one half of the lime into a bowl or cup.

5. 20180127_125119_resizedBake your bread. and cashew nuts in the oven for about 7 minutes.

6. Mash your soup with a blender. and serve your soup with the parsley, cashew nuts, lime and bread.

So i tried this recipe from the Marley spoon box and i was over the moon! i love to be able to eat a full meal and not always have to use meat. Even my husband ( who always needs meat ) was very exited for this recipe and he asked for seconds!

If you want to try your own Marley spoon box go to www.marleyspoon.nl and use the code 2BIKINIBODY you will get a €25,- discount.

Check them out for more lovely recipes and kitchen inspiration  😉

Let me know how you liked it !

xoxo Margriet



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